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You may want to just skip this page. This is where I am airing out my society  induced Rage.


  1. How come we pay 50% tax per gallon of fuel, yet the politicians say we have no money for the Roads.

  2. How come when a tax on the ballot gets voted down four times in a row. They have the money to keep putting it on the ballot and sponsoring TV and Radio Media Blitz's.

  3. How come the people who know a tax is bullshit will vote it in the fifth time, after voting it down the previous four times.

  4. How come people who work will raise holly hell cause they got only a 3% percent raise, but don't blink an eye at 52% of their total income going to taxes. 

  5. How come a Business owner who is also the Majority Leader of the State Democratic party is always on the radio wanting new taxes for the children, schools and medical care for everybody who does not work. . When he does not even give his own employee's sick leave or Insurance relief. And does not even give cost of living raises that equal to half of what politicians give themselves out of our pockets. Reckon it's cause it would come out of his pocket?

  6. How come a working person who legitimately gets disabled has to loose everything they have worked for all their life cause there is no money, or program in the system for productive people. 

  7. How come the government funds the breeding that is causing the unwanted children. When a child no longer meets the qualifications to get that check coming in well...........

                Road Rage

  1. How come the one that bitches the most about other drivers is usually the one blasting out of the parking lot into traffic without even the courtesy to use a signal light.

  2. How come the media is so concerned about the one tenth of one percent of accidental deaths caused by firearms, when 55,000 people are killed by much worse stupidity in a vehicle every year.

  3. How come a person that can figure out to insert key and start a vehicle, can't figure out how to use the signal light lever.

  4. How come after a couple of large size biker friends beat the shit out of a car, that driver all of a sudden figures out how to use the turn signal lever. And learned that cutting folks off was not good. Without a word being said, cause he would not roll the window down. Reckon it was just laziness on the drivers part that endangered the lives of the lead riders he almost put in the ditch?

  5. How come people have to tailgate when they know it will cause bodily and personal injury to other drivers.

  6. How come when the weather is bad, people think they can decelerate from there normal 60mph in town to a full stop in ten feet. 

  7. How come when Church let's out,  it's as dangerous on the roads as the Bar's closing time. Where's that brotherly love?

  8. Why would a person hire another person work on there stuff, when that person they hire is too stupid to understand the logic behind using signal lights. And then act stunned when the work done is wrong.

    Motorcycle Stuff


  1. How come almost every M/C rag manages to give the advertisers in their rag the best bike review.

  2.  How come some motorcycles riders (predominantly metric) rider's always think you ride metric because you can't afford a Harley Davidson. Duh, most I ride with can and would if it met there bang for the buck, or other criteria.

  3. How come some rider's join clubs, then do nothing but bitch about the Club. Hey, if your a halfway decent stand up person you should have more than enough friends to ride with. If not, perhaps the Club is not the problem. And if you need to be told who leads, I will tell you. The one that knows the turf your riding on the best, or the fastest bike/rider. And if your by yourself, you can lead and follow.

  4. How come some rider's don't use hand signals or turn indicators. And yet they demand the same and more out of cage drivers.

  5. How come some self appointed road Captains block traffic, and manage to also block off the intersection to the point low rider bikes and inexperienced riders just about wreck, or do wreck.

  6. How come some folks continue to whine and gossip about you never riding with them, when there rides predominantly start out and end on work days. Shit, get a life, or go ride.

 Ok, I feel better now :) I will be adding a positive page in the near future.

Copyright 2001 by Kathy Edens Distributing. All rights reserved.Revised: 18 Nov 2001 12:35:11 -0500 .

    Paul and Kathy Edens Mig Numbers 1542 & 1583 LC1500 &  Lowered LC1500  cyclenuts@arcycle.com

Copyright 2001 by Kathy Edens Distributing. All rights reserved.Revised: 18 Nov 2001 12:35:11 -0500 .

    Paul and Kathy Edens Mig Numbers 1542 & 1583 LC1500 &  Lowered LC1500  cyclenuts@arcycle.com