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This page is in honor and respect of our fallen countrymen. Click here to enter the site, and get to the original Main Page. Thanks, Paul.

God Bless the United States of America

    Here is a tribute to human suffering from the perspective of one of the  Oklahoma City Bombing personnel. My brother having spent two weeks at what was the Federal building in down town Oklahoma. He was part of the body identification team.  He has been in Law enforcement from the age of 19, over twenty years of honorable service that continues today. 

    He has worked his way up the latter from City and Sheriff patrol, to his current position as a District Attorneys investigator. He has seen it all, or so he thought till the bombing. From working the aftermath of horrible wrecks, to working murder investigations. Being his brother, I saw first hand how the Oklahoma bombing has affected him, after his tour ended, and to this day, he cannot view certain parts of the memorial and stay composed.

    So here is his tribute to all those personally being affected by this most recent act of terrorism, and all free people of the world. Just click the picture below.

    To my Countrymen

    This is a sad time indeed, and many tears have and will be shed. May these tears fall upon our free land and grow the strength and resolve we need to accomplish the task before us.

     As the many before us, we must now make the sacrifices, and unleash the dogs of War to ensure the children of the free world will remain free. We have the responsibility, as free citizens to protect and ensure freedom for all that wish to have freedom.   

    Please, fly our colors, even if you have to use ribbons, ties or do-rags, or whatever you can find. The time is now, to show the World that we are United despite all our self imposed differences. Let our enemy's know what we already know. We are one, and that alone will strike fear into the hearts of all that attempt to tread on us. Many false leaders have been roaming our country for years, spreading hate and discontent to keep us divided in every possible way.

    This ACT of WAR proves our enemy's think they have finally divided us to the point we are weak. Make an extra effort to demonstrate that they are dead wrong. Let's show extra respect, and courtesy for our fellow countrymen in even the most mundane task of our daily lives. For we will have plenty of stress and worries in the weeks or months of battle before us.



 This page is in honor and respect of our fallen countrymen. Click here to enter the site, and get to the original Main Page. Thanks, Paul.


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