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Paul's LC1500

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Options Installed

  1. Vance & Hines Straight Shots.

  2. Parts Chromed by local shop

  3. Handlebar Risers.

  4. Aux rear dual element lights.

  5. Backoff brake light flasher.

  6. Chrome fender tips.

  7. Live to Ride Horn Cover.

  8. Chrome Frame Covers for neck between tank and triple. (Removed, they do not fit well at all on the 1500. If you have to have chrome, get originals chromed.)

  9. Chrome License Plate Frame.

  10. Chrome Pair Valve Cover.

  11. Chrome Cover Heel Shifter.

  12. Chrome Cover Toe Shifter.

  13. Chrome Cover Rear Brake Cylinder.

  14. Chrome Cover Battery Box.

  15. Chrome Visor's for every light on bike.

  16. Chrome Covers for Clutch and Front Brake Master Cylinders.

  17. Chrome Tops for all Three Master Cylinders.

  18. Chrome VL Emblem for Sissy Bar.

  19. Chrome Cobra Passenger Running Boards.

  20. Chrome handle bar Grips.

  21. Freeway Bars.

  22. H3 Freeway bar spot lights.

  23. Factory Light Bar Kit.

  24. Rear Brake Master Cylinder Cover kit.

  25. High Rise Sissy Bar.

  26. Luggage Rack.

  27. Studded Gel Seat Set.

  28. LeatherLyke Saddle bags.

  29. Large Chrome ISO pegs Freeway Bar.

  30. Stage Three Thunder Kit. Warning!!!!!

  31. Garmin III GPS.

  32. Chrome Billet Radar Detector Mount.

  33. Leather Laced with Fringe Control Lever Covers. 

  34. Empty Bank Account, free with purchase of above items.



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    Paul and Kathy Edens Mig Numbers 1542 & 1583 LC1500 &  Lowered LC1500  cyclenuts@arcycle.com