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Our Local Suzuki Dealer:

Doug Reynolds Suzuki

9800 Interstate 30

Little Rock, AR


Phone: (501)562-6229

     Click link below to go to Doug Reynolds New site. Once you are at their site, click the Customs button on the left. And don't forget to check out the classifieds!



     I have left a few samples on my site just to whit the appetite.

Click on Pictures at left for larger high resolution Image.

     I thought that they were really onto something with the idea of custom paint already on the new machines. They will also let you decide what you would like. They will never do any two exactly alike. Well, that statement will have to be changed. Due to customer requests, the Black and Yellow Flame and Yellow and Purple Flame are back. I am not sure if they are identically patterned, but, the customers rule and the verdict is, more Black and Yellow. The price of the custom paint job is included in the base financing. 

    Reynolds Suzuki always keeps customs on the Show Room floor for a no wait, buy and ride same day. They sell fast so keep you eyes peeled to this site and please, call them or email them and make sure the one you want is still there!. 

    Also, they have a large selection of standard factory painted models. These folks carry a large inventory of all Suzuki products. If major race speed is what your after they have all model's of the HCLM's (Human Controlled Land Missiles). Or if you need the best in four wheeler's, they have a very large inventory. 

    Also, if you decide to purchase from them, they will give Kathy and I a $50.00 gift certificate, if you mention you saw it here on this site. And Kathy really needs more chrome on her Marauder :) Oops, remember the Black and Yellow Flame LC? Well we just took the second one off the list. Kathy now needs the $50.00 certificate for her brand new Black and Yellow flame bike :) Just tell them Paul that rides the Red and Pearl White LC, or Kathy with the Black and Yellow Flame LC.  If you decide to just to ride down and look, I'd love to meet you and show you the sites. Just email me at cyclenuts@iconascar.com .

Click on Picture for larger Image.


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    Paul and Kathy Edens Mig Numbers 1542 & 1583 LC1500 &  Lowered LC1500  cyclenuts@arcycle.com